In the Orient lie the origins of much that we know, and more that we value: the philosophies that enlighten us, the arts that inspire us, the pleasures of the senses. Here are ideas, tastes, images and, by no means least, scents. Ameenah invites you to relish aromas that our forebears would recognize, reinvented for an evolving world. As we develop our Oriental Collection, authenticity guides us above all. Cultivating the ingredients for our fragrances, we are guided by sustainability, at one with nature. In the pristine environments of our plantations, the raw materials have all the time they need to flourish - years, decades, even longer. We work with master perfumers to distill only the purest scents, untouched by artifice. We preserve the heritage for you to enjoy: past, present, future - forever authentic, by Ameenah.









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